04 June 2010

AdSense Is The Main Revenue Source for 45% of Our Readers

Last week I launched a poll asking our readers what was their main revenue source. Among the options to vote you had AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling one’s own products and so on. I was expecting that the results would be quite balanced, but that was not the case.

It turns out that over 45% of the readers who took the poll rely on Google AdSense as their main income source. Freelancingand consulting services appeared in a distant second position, with 17.8% of the votes.

Affiliate marketing appeared in the third position with 13.6%, and selling one’s own products in the fourth position with 9.3% of the votes. Another curious point was the small percentage of people using direct ad sales as a main income source, since this has been one of the most profitable methods I have used. Only 5.4% of the participants voted on it.


  1. Wow! Adsense is number one.
    I am already following you.
    your chatbox is slow,pls use another type.

  2. haiz... google banned me. thanks to some fking indon.

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