14 May 2010

Importance Of Trees In Our Life

Trees are very essential to our environment. They provide us many things which are useful for our daily lives.

Essential component

The most essential and major component provided by the trees is Oxygen. The trees utilize the Carbon dioxide released by us and in turn they provide us Oxygen which keeps us lively, healthy and active.

Edible products

We get all the minerals and vitamins needed for our proper health and growth from the fruits and other plant products like vegetables, cereals, grains, grams etc. Around the world every one is opting for the vegetarian diet as it provides a wholesome and balanced diet. The balanced diet keeps the people healthy and prevents many diseases.

Environment friendly

The roots of the trees hold the soil firmly and prevent soil erosion. This leads to the increase in the ground water level and the continuity of water cycle gets balanced resulting in good rains. Ultimately trees prevent the drought and provide greenery to the environment. Apart from taking care of the soil and water, the trees provide shelter to many animals and birds in the forests which ultimately help in the ecological balance of the nature. Having more number of trees around will reduce the hazardous effects of global warming.

Other uses

We are taking the trees for granted and felling them mercilessly. This will lead to a treeless environment which can not be even imagined. But the woods from cut trees also help us to make beautiful furniture and other things required for the house. The wood is used as a fuel even now in many rural areas. The trees provide us shade and the breeze will be so cool in the places where there are number trees. Many people who suffer from chronicle ailments are said to feel better when they were put in a beautiful tree surrounded areas.

We must remember that the trees are very essential and we must start growing more trees in our surroundings for the sake of next generation to give them a beautiful and healthy environment. We should keep in mind that the deforestation will lead to the extinction of many animals.


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  2. u are so right, trees are very important

  3. aku setuju ngan ko gak!!! thumbs up

  4. it's important to go green but some people don't bother.. =/

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