05 July 2010

5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Care for the Environment

Positively Green’s Top 5 Kid’s Tips
1. For the very young: Consider subscribing to the National Wildlife Federation’s publication designed for children ages 1-4.
2. Instead of buying store bought wrapping with all of the icky ink dyes, suggest reusing brown paper bags and coloring your own gift paper for the next birthday party; a perfect activity for children 3-7.
3. Plant a tree with your own hands and share the fun with your 6 to 9 year old child by choosing flowers that are easy to plant at the tree’s base. Talk about how trees support clean air and beautify too.
4. Head to your closest organic fruit farm and pick organic raised strawberries, apples, blueberries or any delicious fruit. Discuss why organic is better than what you typically buy in the store. Even teens will appreciate this experience.
5. Not all wood is the same. Encourage your preschool child to choose toys that are made with FSC certified wood. Unpainted wood toys are typically safer than plastic that contains PVC, and treasured from generation to generation. FSC certification ensures that the wood you buy has been forested responsibly to allow for sustainable growth.


  1. it's quite important to cease plastic bag usage... kids need to be inculcated with the right habits since young :)

  2. Great tips. Its also important to make environment lessons fun so that the kids can relate :)

  3. :O wow. Learned something new today! Didnt know what FSC meant till now..thanks!

  4. and also..teach them to save water and not to waste water..they are the easiest group to be taught on how to save water

  5. **foot print**
    Yup i really think not only to teach kids but everyone..!! But of cos every things must start from young..!! Must teach my niece when she is born..!
    Thanks for your nanged..
    Nanged back and clicked on ur adv as well. ^^


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